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Data Entry Jobs Online

Data Entry Jobs Online: As the name suggests, Data Entry is a field that is associated with data. And the work is to enter data. Yes, it is as simple as it seems. Almost every organization wants their data to be kept on the computer to make their work easy. Organizations hire professionals or people who can do the data entry work either online or offline.

Let’s understand the whole term Online Data Entry Jobs, it is a kind of online work that demands you to enter or type the given information by the company from one form to another. For example, if the organization gives you some handwritten notes and asks you to type that into an MS Word file. Another illustration you can take, is companies manage their employee data in an Excel sheet, and that work also includes data entry work.

Now you will get a basic understanding of data entry jobs from home. Convert one form of data into another as per the instructions. Now we consider the concept of typing speed. You will get the point of typing, if you type fast, you can earn well in a short time. And a speed of 60-70 WPM is considered as good in the Data Entry Online Jobs field

Almost every industry needs data entry operators including the big tech firm, banks, educational institutions, govt offices, etc. We are here to discuss online private jobs but there are many govt sectors that provide govt data entry work.

For online data entry jobs without investment you need to show your intermediate qualification or some companies may ask you to show a graduate degree. Some ask you to show the typing speed certificate. It is a field that does not demand high qualifications and the certificate we have discussed above can be obtained in a maximum time of 3 months of practice. If you are dedicated to Online Data Entry Jobs, you can achieve higher positions with your skills within the minimum time.

We will discuss below the kinds of data entry jobs from home, what you can make or earn at what time, where to apply for the Online Typing Jobs, what platform to work for typing work from home, etc. There may be more questions that hit your mind, Don’t worry, stay tuned with us, we will cover every point here.

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Different Types of Data Entry Jobs

We want to grab your attention towards the various kinds of online data entry jobs without investment. Consider the type and you can go for the one suitable to you.

1. Data Entry Clerk

The job of the Data Entry Clerk is to maintain the data on the computer files like a doc file or excel file. The data can be related to sales of the product, employee logs, daily attendance records, salary records, and any kind of work that includes data to be entered.

It is a kind of work-from-home job that demands quick analyzing skills, fast typing speed, and organizing skills. These skills will help you to manage the data entry work easily and accurately.

The pay of the data entry clerks varies from $12 to $25 per hour.

2. Data Entry Keyers

Data Entry Keyers find the critical information from the huge doc files. It is a kind of work with estimation sheets, CRM files, designs, etc. The job is related to the quality control dept and the Data Entry Keyers will scan the data files to find any kind of error in the file and then fix them.

This job is online and offline depending on the criticality of the work. The pay rates for the Data Entry Keyers job are from $14 to $30.

3. Data Entry Operator

Data Entry Operator job roles are associated with the work of collecting details from the doc files, applications, emails, etc, and then putting those data into the specified format like in the database of the company. Basically, you are going to convert one form of data into the desired form.

For this Data Entry Operator job, you should have the basic knowledge of the software and hardware needed to accomplish the job. The hourly rate for the Data Entry Operator job will start at $9 per hour to a maximum of $40 PH.

4. Payroll Data Entry Operator

The Payroll Data Entry Operator job is a job suitable for the quick listener or the person who pays attention to the smallest thing. The work under Payroll Data Entry Operator like entering payment details in stores, entering employees’ information, inventory details, etc.

A person who is attentive, a multitasker, and has accurate writing skills are best suited to the Payroll Data Entry Operator post. The working wages for the Payroll Data Entry Operator posts are from $16 to $22.

5. Typist

You can see a Typist entering some data into a computer system at high speed. The data they are entering can be creating content for some firm, copying the data from hard file to doc file, creating and sending emails on a regular basis, etc.

The Typist posts required good speed on the keypad with the least errors. This job can give you $15 to $20 per hour.

6. Offline Data Entry

When we write data from hard files to compute system it is represented as offline data entry. Offline data entry involves manual entries. It is a kind of data entry that we adapt to daily routines in offices. Inquiry staff does it commonly by exploring the data or entering the data into the computer MS Word file or Excel file.

The hourly rate for the Offline Data Entry work varies from organization to organization and the sort of data you are dealing with as critical data typing will offer you higher rates and needs accuracy.

7. Writing

Some people have a writing passion and writing can be in any language you are proficient at. The main work in the market is in the English language as it is an international language for communication. It is the most suitable kind of typing work from home for people who have the habit to write at a good speed.

The posts of Editor, Content Writer, Copy Writer, Manuscript Writer, and many more come in the Writing field. It is a high-paying field with an hourly rate of an average of $24.

8. Online form filling

Online form-filling work is a simple task one can do from home. You will get a blank form and information that is to be put in the blank field of the form. Type the data into the form. Here also speed and accuracy are demanded by the organization, they considered submitting 10 forms per hour, etc. The speed may depend on the length of the form.

Another similar job to form filling is online captcha entry work without investment in daily payment. In this, you have to enter the captcha value and earn income. The hourly rate will be from $08 to $20.

9. Survey Filling

The survey filing job is in trend now, maybe you get a survey through email or not? The companies want genuine reviews from the customer about their products, so created standard yes/no forms of 10-12 min and they ask random people to answer them. You will get paid for submitting the survey.

No special thing is needed to do the survey job. It is a kind of feedback form. The hourly rate may vary from $5 to $20.

10. Email Processor

The Email Processor job role is in high demand. This job involves the work of composing emails, sending emails, scheduling meetings, etc. The person needed to operate on 1000 emails in a day using Excel sheets. Here, also accuracy is key for fast work.

The hourly rate for the email processor will be from $12 to $30.

List of the Top 10 Trustworthy Websites for Data Entry Jobs

Below is the list of platforms where you can find part-time work-from-home jobs and jobs like Captcha Typing, data entry jobs from home, Online Typing Jobs, and many more kinds of jobs.

1. AccuTran Global

AccuTran is a specialized platform that focuses on posting jobs related to the data entry field and most of its jobs are from the transcripts topics. It is an international platform to find jobs in the countries like USA, Canada, the UK, etc. You can get an online job and can do it from your home.

2. MegaTypers

MegaTypers is a kind of labor-management company, here you can create your profile and submit proposals for the work from home data entry jobs. You can start the job here with a minimum speed of 10 words per minute.

3. Fiverr

It is a platform that posted jobs from diverse categories including the Date Entry Work. You need to make your profile attractive and catch the recruiter company’s eyes. You can use the search engine Fiverr to find the relevant job related to your skill.

4. Axion Data Entry Services

This platform is for experienced professionals and it conducts typing speed tests before selecting you to access their jobs. With 2-3 years of experience, you can create your profile and earn on a permanent basis with registered companies.

5. Internshala

This platform offers you internship programs that help to build your career with the top MNCs. You can create your profile on Internshala and you will land millions of open positions for the data entry work. You can create your resume with the website and your resume will be shared with the top recruiters.

6. MTurk

You can consider the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform to complete the smallest jobs like captcha entering, listening to audio files, and many more small jobs that can be done within minutes. After completion of the work you will credit with the amount in dollars for one small job (1 min Job), you will get $0.07, etc.

7. Click Worker

It is a similar platform as we have explained above, you can search the jobs from the categories like writing jobs, translation jobs, captcha entering jobs, survey jobs, and data entry jobs and get paid after the completion of the work.

8. Upwork

Upwork is a well-established platform to earn income from home by working full-time or part-time. You can search for any kind of work. They will ask you about your skills while filling out the registration form. You can select them like data entry, writing, designing, coding, image processing, SEO, etc.

How Much Do the Jobs of Data Entry Pay?

Data Entry Work can be made as a full-time career if you work dedicatedly towards your job. There are people who are earning $30000 in a year with Data Entry Work with an average hourly rate of $15. You can check the hourly rates of various types of data entry works from the below table.

Job  NameWorking HourAverage Salary Per Hour
Data Entry Clerk Job4 to 6 hrs$14 to $38 PH
Data Entry Keyers Job3 to 5 hrs$11 to $36 PH
Data Entry Operator Job4 to 6 hrs$26 to $36 PH
Payroll Data Entry Operator Job3 to 5 hrs$14 to $36 PH
Typist Job3 to 6 hours$36 to $66 PH
Offline Data Entry Job4 to 6 hrs$12 to $25 PH
Writing Job4 to 6 hrs$19 to $42 PH
Online form filling Job3 to 5 hrs$08 to $25 PH
Survey Filling Job3 to 6 hours$06 to $23 PH
Email Processor Job3 to 5 hrs$16 to $45 PH

Note: We suggest you first understand the kind of work and then analyze that are you able to do it. If yes, then search the platform from the above list and create your profile there. Start searching the jobs based on your skills. In case of any problems, you can freely put comments here.

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